Library2Go | The Art of Forgery

The Art of Forgery CoverHave a book that you want to read- but find it always seems to be checked out when you want it?  Or worse- none of your local libraries even have it?   I feel your pain!  Fortunately, for those of us desperate to get our hands on a book, Library2Go, the North Dakota Digital Consortium, has a broad selection of ebooks that are easy to borrow and access.  Both fiction and non-fiction alike are available, in genres anywhere from children’s fantasy to true crime stories.  On the Library2Go website, you can either search for specific titles you’d like, or browse through many categories offered, like “Military Reads”, “Page to Screen”  (books adapted to film), “The Suspense is Killing Me”, and even audiobooks!  

If you’re interested in this helpful and convenient digital library, talk to us at the Northwood City Center Library or visit to sign with Facebook or your library card and start browsing!


Our featured book for this week is The Art of Forgery by Noah Charney, which takes us into the fascinating scandalous world of forgery, often considered the world’s most glamorous crime.  Noah Charney, an expert in the study of art crime, examines some of the most notable adventures- and misadventures- of the master forgers from history up until today.  He exposes the tricks of their trade, explores their diverse and captivating motivations, and the thrilling tales of how they were eventually caught.

According to the book itself- “Welcome to the world of forgery.  A word of warning- don’t always believe your eyes.”


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