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I Hear a PickleTwo new additions to our collection of children’s fiction have been donated by Salli Lou Anderson- thanks, Salli Lou!

One, a chapter book in the  Great Illustrated Classics series, is an abridgment of Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo —  a thrilling tale of betrayal, imprisonment, revenge, and redemption!  This book condenses the weighty classic into a story easily understood by young readers, outlining the important arcs of the original story in order to provide a solid foundation of general knowledge that will come in handy as the child grows into their reading abilities.

The other is a charming bilingual picture book, combining English and Spanish in a whimsical and applicable story called  I Hear A Pickle.  This book teaches children about the five senses in both languages, back-to-back, making this an ideal (and fun!) tool to use whether your child is learning either Spanish, or English!  Parents will note the differences in the onomatopoeias, or “sound” words between the languages; In English we may say that the bird says “Tweet, tweet!”, whereas in Spanish it would be “¡Pìo, pìo!” 

We’ve also had additions to our YA collection, Christian Fiction collection, General Fiction with a donation from Wendy Wolfe.

Willo Davis Roberts’ The Girl with the Silver Eyes, the story of a girl with supernatural powers, is perfect for teen readers.  

A Woman’s Place, by Christian author Lynn Austin, explores the stories of four women in the 1940s, each with their own private ghosts to conquer, as they enter into the conflict of World War II together.  

And Nicholas Sparks’ novel, The Best of Me, is the love story of a boy and a girl, torn apart by tragic circumstances, then unexpectedly reunited years later, and their quest to recapture the past…

Thank you, Wendy, for these exciting new books!

And now, for your online resource of the week, see National Agriculture Library Digital Collections, or NALDC- where you can explore three collections of full-text historical documents on the agricultural and food sciences.  This resource is made available to us by the North Dakota State Library. If you are interested in this resource, see us at the Northwood City Center Library!


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