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ParadoxThe phone number for the Northwood City Center Library has been discontinued.  If you wish to contact the library via phone, call the City Office at 701-587-6301, and the employees there will pass on the message.  Otherwise you can get in touch with us through our email, facebook page, website, or you can stop by to see us during our open hours and ask your questions there!


Our featured book this week is Paradox, the latest novel by New York Times best-selling author  Catherine Coulter.

In Paradox, agents Sherlock and Savich set out on a desperate chase for the escaped mental patient who attempted to kidnap their five-year-old son Sean.  Meanwhile, when dragging a lake in search of a victim of a recent murder, investigators find dozens of human bones in an underwater burial ground.  It isn’t long before they discover a frightening connection between the bones and the attempted kidnapping.

Savich and Sherlock soon find themselves dealing with a bizarre Jekyll-and-Hyde scenario, and  if they do not unravel it, it will only be a matter of time before they too find themselves at the bottom of a lake….

“Pulse-pounding… Coulter fans will have a tough time putting this one down.” — Publishers Weekly


This week we’d like to bring to your attention a resource made available to us through the state library:  Universal Class- an online educational service that offers over 500 courses! Interested in writing? Law? Alternative medicine and health?  Universal class has these and many, many more. To make an account and start learning, visit us at the Northwood City Center Library, or go to .  


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