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If This Land Could TalkDo you have documents or paperwork you need printed?  Maybe you need to fill out 2017’s 1040 form, or maybe you need photocopies of documents or pictures you already have.  Here at the Northwood City Center Library, we offer our printer for your use- just 10¢ a page!  

And remember, if you need computer and  internet access, we also have chromebooks and free wifi for your use.  Bring your own device, or use one of ours, have a cup of coffee, and and enjoy a peaceful studying atmosphere any time.


This week we’re highlighting Judy R. Cook’s If This Land Could Talk, the true story of her homesteading grandparents and their experiences in North Dakota.  Based on meticulous research, Cook brings us a candid portrayal of the generations of life on the northern plains, first with her four grandparents who carved a living from the inhospitable prairie, then with her parents, who continued to farm the same land, and finally herself as she grew up during the 1950s.  Kirkus Discoveries describes this book as “An intimate, personal exploration of early homestead life on the northern plains, and how the author’s ancestors not only survived but thrived…”


(Sources Used:  If This Land Could Talk, Kirkus Discoveries

Sources Quoted:  If This Land Could Talk, Kirkus Discoveries)


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