Zinio | The Great Alone | A Wrinkle In Time

The Great ALoneMagazines are fun to have around- but they also tend to stack up pretty quickly around the house.  If you enjoy reading through magazines but don’t want the clutter, look no further than Zinio- an extension of RBDigital for magazines.  With your RBDigital account, you can view magazines from a variety of genres, including political, house and garden, cooking, history, men’s and women’s, and more!


If you’re interested in this digital resource, contact us at the Northwood City Center Library and we’ll help you get started.  


This week we’re featuring two books, the first being from author Kristin Hannah.  In her latest novel, The Great Alone,  Hannah introduces us to Ernt allbright, a former POW, who after encountering difficulty after returning home from Vietnam moves his family to Alaska, intending to live off the last true frontier.  His thirteen-year-old daughter Lenin views this change as a reason for hope, and his wife Cora loves him enough to follow him even into the unknown.

But when  the frigid Alaskan winter sets in, their resolve is put to the test, and as the fractures in their family dynamics widen, they are faced with the realization that in this wilderness, for better or worse, they are truly on their own.


Our second featured book this week is Madeleine L’Engle’s classic children’s novel, A Wrinkle In Time.  With Disney’s latest adaptation of the book due to be released in theaters on the 9th of March, the book has been reprinted with visuals from the film.

Meg, the daughter of two brilliant scientists, has always felt that her father’s disappearance was not the end.  When a wondrous anomaly called a tesseract opens a pathway to the far reaches of the universe, she and her brother have a chance to find him and bring him home for good… but first they must face the unnamed evil that threatens to dominate their whole world before it is too late.  


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