Government Documents | In This Moment | The Masterpiece

In This MomentThe North Dakota State Library archives many government documents for public access.  State government documents include annual reports, strategic plans, audits, meeting minutes, newsletters and magazines, brochures, handbooks, maps, statistics, public university catalogs, and more.  Documents are easily accessed through the library catalog, and can be checked out from the state library. Copies are also distributed to the North Dakota State University in Fargo, University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, Minot State University, and Valley City University.

If you would like to request a copy of a government document, search for any title through the online catalog, or see your local librarian for assistance.    

Readers of Christian fiction will be delighted to hear that we now have two new books from popular authors Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers.

In This Moment, by Karen Kingsbury, is the story of lawyer Luke Baxter and his struggles to defend Wendell Quinn, a high school principal, when he is sued for starting an after-school Bible study.  Thanks to the program, the school has experienced a dramatic decrease in drug abuse, violence, and teen pregnancies, but the lawsuit threatens to bring all of that to a grinding halt.

Both Luke and Wendell are committed to their faith and determined to defend the freedoms the Constitution affords them, but in their fight for liberty, Luke encounters the difficult of managing his career and family life.

In Francine River’s The Masterpiece, the wealthy and haunted artist Roman Velasco and his reluctant personal assistant Grace Moore find themselves caught up in an unexpected romance.  Roman, despite having everything a person could wish for, finds his life maddeningly empty, and only Grace seems to see it. As he vents his frustrations through a notorious graffitiing alter ego that could destroy his career, Grace must deal ghosts and secrets of her own.  When they are inexplicably drawn to one another, could their feelings be the path to redemption for both of them?


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