Tutorials | If I Run | Landscaping With Fruit

Landscaping with FruitOver the last several months, this column has highlighted many resources available to the public through both our local library and the State library.  If you ever want more tips and teaching on how to use these resources, consider checking out the tutorials available on You Tube!

If you search “Database Tutorials- NDState Library” on You Tube, you will be directed to a playlist of sixteen videos that offer insights on RBDigital, Zinio, Universal Class, Kitkeeper, and more!  This can be very helpful as you try these resources for yourself, as they cover how set up and make use of each of these resources.


Our featured books this week are If I Run, by Terri Blackstock, and Landscaping with Fruit, by Lee Reich.


If I Run, a USA Today bestselling novel, follows Casey Cox as she is forced to go on the run after her DNA is found in connection with a crime she didn’t commit.  But Dylan Roberts, the war-weary veteran hired to find Casey, is haunted by the question of what really happened. He’s not convinced that Casey is guilty, but can he afford to let that doubt affect his mission?  PTSD has branded him as damaged goods, and bringing Casey back is his ticket to redemption. Finally he is faced with two choices: either the girl who shadows his every thought is a killer, or a heroine doomed if he does not help her.  

Landscaping with Fruit is a helpful guide to planning and maintaining an artistic fruit garden.  Author Lee Reich offers advice on choosing the perfect sites for your new plants, how to select plants that bear delicious fruit and offer three-season visual interest, complete plans for five luscious landscapes, and more.  In addition to talking about how to grow the plants, the book teaches how to take the space and shape of your yard into consideration for the optimal arrangement.

Filled with gorgeous, full-color illustrations and photos, this book is a treat to look at as well as use, and sure to be of interest to artistic gardeners everywhere.


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