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LucianaStudents and journalists- here’s an interesting resource for any of you who need images of famous works of art for your projects!  CAMIO (Catalogue of Art Museum Images Online) is a growing digital collection that documents the art housed the world’s prominent museums, from scans of notable paintings, to photos of sculpture and pottery.  

These images are licensed for use by students, faculty, and researchers at subscribing institutions. Works of art may be used for educational and research purposes during the term of the subscription, if they are properly credited.  For more information, visit


We’ve added several new book series to our children’s fiction over the past weeks.  Luciana, by Erin Teagan, is the first book in the series featuring one of  American Girl’s newest characters- and Girl of the Year for 2018. The titular character, Luciana, dreams of becoming an astronaut and being the first kid ever to set foot on Mars, but must first overcome the challenges of being a team player here on Earth.

We also have two new books from the Ranger in Time series by Kate Messner.  These cute junior novels follow an adventurous golden retriever named Ranger as he travels through time, using his search-and-rescue skills to help people through various historical disasters, such as the Great Earthquake of San Francisco

And for early readers looking to get a start on longer stories, check out Owl Diaries, a charming series of books for young children detailing the adventures of an energetic little owlet, Eva Wingdale.  With vibrantly colored pictures along the way, Eva introduces readers to her family, friends, and everyday life… and all the fiascos she gets herself into.  

As the school year comes to an end, keep your kids reading and come take a look at the children’s books we have to offer!  Coming to the library can be a great way to get kids excited about reading. Find the books that peak their interest here at the Northwood City Center Library!


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