MasterFILE | Flight of the Sparrow

Flight of the SparrowResearchers, if you need access to full-text magazine articles for your project, check out MasterFILE, a resource made available through the state library.  This database covers magazines on general-interest topics, and can be found through the State Library’s Online Resources page at .  


On May 1st, the library hours will be changing to the following schedule:


And now, for our features book of the week, I bring you Flight of the Sparrow, by Amy Belding Brown.

In this fictional re-imagining of a true story, early American colonist Mary Rowlandson is captured by Indians.  Her home destroyed and her children lost to her, she becomes a pawn in the treacherous struggle between English settlers and the indigenous people.  Amidst the trials of cold, hunger, and exhaustion, she witness both shocking brutality… and unexpected kindness. To her own surprise, she is drawn to her captors’ straightforward way of life–  and is forced to wonder wonder whether, if given the chance, she could ever fit back into her old life. Praised by the Historical Novel Society as “…amazingly written and deeply researched…”, this book promises to be a treat for any fan of the early American period.  


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