Kid InfoBits | Sweetbitter

SweetbitterIf you’d like a fun, interactive resource for your kids, try Kid InfoBits!  This site has educational articles on topics ranging from science and history,  to pop culture and sports. With full-color photos and an easy-to-understand writing style, it is an ideal resource for your child to use when researching a school paper or report.  

To access Kid InfoBits, go to and sign up, or come visit us and use at the library.  

Stephanie Danler’s national best seller, Sweetbitter, has been adapted as a TV series on Starz media.  The 2016 novel details the hectic coming-of-age story of Tess, a young waitress in a Manhattan restaurant.  In the midst of the varied dynamics of the restaurant as well as the city, Tess encounters the drastic ups and downs of life in her own unique way.  

So if you’re someone who likes to read the book before watching the show, or if you’ve been inspired to read by the lastest episodes, come check out Sweetbitter at the Northwood City Center Library!


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