Story Time | Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | Twisted Prey

Chitty Chitty Bang BangThe Northwood City Center Library will be hosting a read-aloud storytime for young children on Tuesdays at 10:30!   Parents or guardians, bring your little ones here to enjoy a selection of 3 to 4 fun, easy-read story books. We’d love to inspire them with the joy of reading early on, and sharing these stories is a great way to do it


The Saturday Kid’s Reading Hour will be starting again on the 26th of May, this time with Ian Fleming’s  beloved classic, Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.   Kids ages 9-12 are invited to come and listen and visit as we read aloud this book, chapter-by-chapter each Saturday.  

In Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, an eccentric inventor and his family purchase a hopelessly dilapidated old car- but as they scrape away at the rust and mold, restoring it bit-by-bit, the car begins to exhibit some strange, mysterious, and perhaps even magical qualities.  Though this family is definitely no ordinary family, they had no idea what a wild ride they were in for when they found…. Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang!


Our featured book of the week is Twisted Prey, the latest novel in John Sandford’s Prey series.

As a federal marshal, Lucas Davenport must confront his old nemesis, Taryn Grant, who has now found a seat on the US Senate Intelligence Committee.  Her power and wealth has shielded her from the consequences of the three murders he’s certain she’s responsible for- but this time Lucas is determined to put an end to their unfinished business, one way or another.  

Publishers Weekly has called it “Thoroughly entertaining… a deadly cat and mouse game that will keep the reader turning the pages up to the exciting climax.”


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