Research in Context | Enigma


EnigmaHey, middle-schoolers!  I’d like to introduce you to a fast and convenient way to get information on core subjects for research purposes.  Research in Context provides authoritative content on government, literature, social issues, geography, and more! Research in Context can provide you with a summary of your topic that makes it easier to comprehend as you delve into it further, whether it’s for a report, or just a general understanding as you study the topic in school.  

If you want to make use of Research in Context, come to the Northwood City Center Library and study, or access it through the Northwood Public School Library.  


Our featured book of the week is Enigma, by Catherine Coulter.

In this exhilarating, twisted tale, expectant mother Kara Moody’s dream becomes a nightmare when her newborn son disappears from the hospital.  FBI agents Savich and Sherlock think they’re investigating an abduction, until evidence suggests a fantastical conspiracy that could potentially  make immortality possible.

Meanwhile, Liam Hennessy, a notorious Irish thief and one of the FBI’s most wanted, goes into hiding deep in the Appalachian Mountains.  The agents sent to find him soon discover something they never expected to find. With time running out, and the odds of Kara ever seeing her son grow slimmer by the day, this case will push the dedicated agents beyond anything they have done before…

“…Twists and turns galore in both investigations ensure there’s never a dull moment.” – Publisher’s Weekly


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