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Come SundownWe at the Northwood City Center Library would like to invite you and your children to come to our weekly Kid’s Reading Hour as we continue reading through our current book, Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang!  Missed the beginning of the book?  No problem! We’ll catch you up to the story when you come.  Enjoy snacks and visiting with us as we enjoy this wonderful story and others like it.  And parents- feel free to browse through your own favorite books while we’re at it! There’s fun reading to be had for everyone during our Saturday Kid’s Reading Hour.  And if you can’t make it Saturdays, then drop by on one of our other open days! Business hours are 10am-1pm Monday-Wednesday, 10am-1-pm on Saturday, and 5pm-7pm on Monday and Wednesday nights.


These last few weeks, we’ve had book donations from Kathy Sleeper and Gail Ducioame, some of which have already been featured in Library Corner.  These exciting new titles include Deep Freeze and Twisted Prey, by John Sandford, Enigma and The Sixth Day by Catherine Coulter, Look For Me by Lisa Garnder, Come Sundown by Nora Roberts, and Accidental Heroes and The Right Time by Danielle Steele.

We would like to thank Gail and Kathy very much for their contribution to our library!  We always appreciate it.


For our Featured Fiction of the week we have  Come Sundown, by Nora Roberts.

Bodine Longbow’s peaceful life of running her family’s Montana ranch resort is disrupted when her high school crush-turned-new-manager Callen Skinner is accused of being a murderer.  To complicate matters further, Bodine’s long-lost aunt Alice makes an unexpected return, traumatized and bearing horrifying tales of being held prisoner for twenty years by a violent man.  

As Bodine, Cal, and her family care for the fragile woman, they begin to wonder whether her story, Cal’s predicament, and the recent rash of murders are connected.  Tensions mount, and danger creeps ever closer, until they know only one thing for certain: no one is safe…

According to Publishers Weekly, “What makes this novel most engaging is Roberts’ ability to suffuse her story with rich details of one family’s life, as well as sizzling doses of romance and mystery.”

For this title and others like it, come visit us and find your next favorite read!


And finally, for anyone who needs access to information on the latest developments in science and mathematics, consider using General Science Collection: a Gale resource made available to public libraries and schools.  Includes full-text articles and pre-reviews journals!

If you’re interested in General Science Collection, drop by the Northwood City Center Library and we’ll help you get started.  


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