Book Donations | My Grandmother Wants Me to Tell You She’s Sorry


My Grandmother Wants Me to Tell You She's SorryWe’ve put up a number of new shelves at the Northwood City Center Library!  With more on the way, these shelves will provide much more room for books, allowing for a greater variety in reading.  We are currently in the process of taking the books which have up until now been sorted by genre, and rearranging them alphabetically altogether.  We hope this arrangement makes it easier for you to find the book you’re looking for!


On Tuesday mornings at 10:30 we now offer a storytime for toddlers and young children, provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.  We will read a few fun and easily understood story books that will inspire a love of both stories and reading for kids at an early age. You’re welcome to join us on Tuesdays at 10:30 am!  


We would like to thank Charlene Voight for the donation of Fredrik Backman’s 2016 novel, My Grandmother Wants Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, the story of a little girl and her grandmother.  

In this book, seven-year-0ld Elsa has always shared a special bond with her grandmother, who understands her as few other people can.  However, when her grandmother passes away, leaving a series of letters apologizing to everyone she’s ever wronged, Elsa sets out on a journey that will lead her to places and people that will teach her the truth about fairy tales, kingdoms, and a grandmother like no other. “Firmly in league with Roald Dahl and Neil Gaiman… A touching, sometimes funny, often wise portrait of grief.”  – Kirkus Reviews


And now let me draw your attention to  Acedemic Search Premier, a database of articles on various acedemic subjects, geared for upper high school and college age students.  This resource can be accessed through our public library, or through your school. If you’re interested in using Acedemic Search Premier, come visit us at the Northwood City Center Library!


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