Annie’s Quilted Mysteries | There There

Annnie's Quilted MysteriesReaders of the “cozy mystery” genre will be delighted to hear that we have a new series of books titled Annie’s Quilted Mysteries, which follows a group of crafty and talented women known as the Nimble Thimble club as they attempt to track down the murderer of their dear friend, Rose.  Annie’s Quilted Mysteries was donated by Ima Dahlen.  

Another fine set of donations comes from the family of Norma Maristuen in the form of a set of beautifully bound history books.    We would like to thank these patrons for their thoughtful gifts!


This week we are featuring the New York Times Bestseller There There, by Tommy Orange.  In this story, we are shown a glimpse of the lives of twelve Native Americans as they make their way- for their own various reasons- to the annual powwow in Oakland, California.  Each character is given their own unique voice as we see from their perspective… and through these different viewpoints, a magnetic and intriguing story unfolds. Said to be a striking portrait of life in modern America, laced with humor, pain, and love, There There has received high praise from the Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and People.

“Groundbreaking.  Extraordinary. Tommy Orange has written a tense, prismatic book with inexorable dimension.” – The New York Times


This week let me draw your attention to RBDigital- a digital collection of books from all genres, both fiction and non-fiction.  RBigital also includes an excellent collection of magazines, which used to be part of a separate service known as Zenio Magazines.  To use this resource, go to, make an account with your library card number, and start finding the books you want!


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