Stephanie Plum Series | Tutor ND

Hardcore Twenty-FourThe three latest novels in Janet Evanovich’s New York Times’ bestselling  Stephanie Plum series have made it to our shelves in the Northwood City Center Library!

Tricky Twenty-Two, Turbo Twenty-Three, and Hardcore Twenty-Four (published in 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively), continue the wild and raucous saga of spunky bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum, as she tackles the crazy and often humorous adventures that come her way.  Though incredibly average and certainly not the best at her job, Stephanie’s carefree nature gives way often enough to heroics.

With familiar characters like Grandma Mazur and her indestructible car, Big Blue, and handsome former-bad-boy-turned-cop Joseph Morelli, these three books are here to delight fans of the series.  The next book in the series,  Look Alike Twenty-Five, is expected to release in November, so now is the perfect time to catch up!


Also available now from author Janet Evanovich is Hero At Large, a romance novel written and released during the early days of Evanovich’s career, now reprinted at the height of her fame.  


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